Private Finnish lessons online

Do you find it difficult to speak Finnish, even if you understand the language well? Do you need to expand your professional vocabulary? Are you not feeling confident in pronunciation?

Are you unsure about grammar, even though you speak fluently? Do you need effective teaching in the early stages of language learning? Would you like to understand why words are structured the way they are? Are you frustrated when you can't participate in conversations during coffee breaks in Finnish? Do you need help writing in Finnish or coaching for a language test? Is it difficult for your child to do well in school in Finnish? Does the spoken language still sound strange, even though you already speak Finnish well?


I can certainly help you in all of these situations!

In a private lesson, you can study with me effectively according to your own wishes. Contact me and I will ask you more about your goals, and we will find a suitable time for you to study! Lessons are usually held on Google Meet.

I prefer teaching in Finnish, so that you get the most out of the lessons but I also teach in English and French if needed.



Private lessons €90 /45 min
(incl. VAT 24%)
Free introductory session 30 min

My teaching schedules

Tuesdays  09.00–16.00
Wednesdays 09.00–16.00
Thursdays 12.00–20.00
Fridays  09.00–16.00